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28 May 2018

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27 Mar 2015

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Sativa’s team wishes you a Happy New Year!

12 Jan 2015


Sativa draws the city center of Chambray-Lès-Tours

16 Dec 2014

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Maintenance site of Tram’Y, Villetaneuse

21 Oct 2014

It keeps growing !

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Last visit before the end of landscape maintenance by the landscape contractor in Saintes

21 Oct 2014



Thanks to the landscape contractor “Carré vert” for this year of maintenance!

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It keeps growing in Dreux…

21 Oct 2014




It keeps growing!

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Community Housing project in Molineuf

20 Oct 2014

L’habitat participatif présenté lors du Dialogue compétitif

First meeting about the community housing project in Molineuf. Since the competition the team (Sativa – Act’Urba – Infraservices) made a proposal including a plot for community housing project. Alice Oechsner (Habitat Participatif Centre) introduced the concept of community housing to  Molineuf’s councillors and Agglopolys / Blois city’s councillors and planning department. This project could become the experimental site for the Blois’ area

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Blois Le Breuil airfield : Opening day

3 Jul 2014

The Breuil airfield project was completed and inaugurated at the beginning of the summer
 Our thanks to the Departmental Council and to the Serva TP, Ineo Réseaux Centre and  ID Verde companies.

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